Hell, a delicious cereal all adore!

    What makes Hell so special?

    Hell is a fantastic treat that has been specially formulated to be tasty, healthy, and most importantly, FUN! What's that? A scrumptious snack that's healthy and good? That's right! Cranyola has once more done what was thought ot be impossible, and has boldly taken breakfast from boring and bland, to sinfully sweet, while still being graciously good!


    Hell may be a breakfast cereal, but you don't only have to eat it for breakfast, or even only once a day! You can enjoy the yummy crunch of Hell no matter how high or low the Sun may be!


    Is that it, you ask? Hell no! Hell comes in three lovely and unique shapes you won't find in any other cereal there is! Let's meet the Hellions!

    Spooper -


    The Spooper is fun and friendly, with his spiraling shape allowing for super amounts of fun for all his friends!

    Wiggle -


    The Wiggle is wonderfully wacky, spreading fun and cheer, whether you're far or near!

    Cuddle -


    The Cuddle is a mischievious marvel, but don't let his apparent demeanor trick you into thinking he's rougher and tougher than he is cute and cuddly!


    Are there marshmallows in Hell?

    No indeed! Though we invented the marshmallow, we could not find a suitable place for them in this crunchy concoction. All tests that were run conclusively determined it performed better across the board without marshmallows, rather than with.

    So go on and join the world in loving the hell out this tasty treat!